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Proscenic P9 Review: Versatile and Cheaper Alternative to the Dyson

Before anything else, let’s look at the features of this budget stick vacuum…

  • This vacuum uses a Nidec brushless motor that produces 15,000 Pa of suction
  • Two main cleaning heads (bristle and soft roller) for cleaning bare floor and carpet
  • Both these floor cleaning tools have LED headlights that illuminate the floor and track dust
  • Whole machine HEPA filtration
  • Aside from the two main tools it also comes with 4 additional tools that helps this clean a variety of areas around the house
  • Interchangeable tools make this as versatile as a Dyson cordless
  • 2,6000 mAh Li-Ion battery will run for up to 40 minutes (3 to 4 hours charge time)
  • 1 liter dust capacity
  • Weighs 8.37 pounds
  • 1 year warranty


  • Cheaper alternative to a Dyson V6 cordless – it’ll cost more than a hundred less than a V6 Absolute
  • Long 40 minute run time
  • LED headlights help with visibility
  • The Nidec brushless motor will last longer
  • Versatile that is capable of cleaning different parts inside homes

Tools for bare floor and carpet

Perhaps the biggest improvement that the P9 has over the P8 is the floor tools. This variant comes with two separate attachments that’ll clean bare floor and carpet.

First would be the soft roller bar tool that will work great on bare floor.

It is almost the same as the one found in the Dyson V6 except this Proscenic’s version doesn’t expose the roller as much. But it does have an LED headlight for better visibility.

Second tool is the traditional bristled tool that works best on carpet.


This vacuum comes with the Nidec brushless motor that in theory is more efficient and will last longer than a brushed motor. It’ll also produce more power than the latter at the same wattage.

Proscenic says that the P9 will produce around 15,000 Pa of suction. This is easily twice more than the Dibea C17 that uses a traditional brushed motor. So in essence, the theory in the article is true. The P9 does produce two times more power than the C17.

Battery and Run Time

Another upgrade that the new P9 gets would be the battery. This latest variant comes with the 2,600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery that will deliver fade free suction up to 42 minutes.

Take note that the 42 minute run time will be applicable for the default power setting. If you turn on the max setting, run time goes down to 25 minutes which is still pretty good for a cordless.

Trigger mechanism with a twist

One common complaint by Dyson users would be the need to constantly squeeze the trigger. You don’t need to do this with the Proscenic P9. When you squeeze the trigger, it locks in place and stays on. Squeezing it a second time turns on the max function. To turn it off, you’ll need to squeeze it a third time.

If you have a condition that makes it uncomfortable squeezing the trigger for long periods, this would be a good option.

LED headlight

This variant also comes with an LED headlight on both bare floor and carpet cleaning tools to help with visibility. It’ll also help you track dust on hardwood, especially under furniture.

Easy to empty bin

To empty the bin, you’ll need to press the red latch on front of the bin. This will release a trap door to empty the contents. Just in case there are dirt like dust that cling on the plastic walls, you can fully disassemble the bin and empty it this way.

All the parts of the bin are washable just you need to remove dust. Whereas the Cyclonic filters of a Dyson cordless isn’t.

HEPA filtration

The P9 now comes with HEPA filtration which means allergens will stay inside the bin. These filters are washable but you’ll have to replace them every 6 months to a year. Replacement filters are available in Amazon for less than $20 for a pack of three so it isn’t expensive.

Handheld mode

One of the biggest selling points of the P9 would be versatility. Detach the extension wand and this vacuum turns into a handheld capable of cleaning upholstery and stairs. All the tools that come with this can be plugged in directly on the vacuum itself.

Wall charging mount

This also comes with a wall mountable charger that’ll help you save space and give you easy access to the vacuum anytime you need it.

Mini motorized tool

You’ll now be able to clean carpeted stairs, fabric upholstery and even mattresses thanks to the mini-motorized tool. If you’re not familiar with this, it is a tool with a motorized brush that helps agitate and clean hair, dust mites and allergens from carpet and fabric upholstery.

It is also usable inside vehicles to clean carpet and fabric seats.

This tool adds to the versatility of this machine.

Other tools

The P9 also comes with the following tools:

  • Crevice tool
  • Combination brush and crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • Mini motorized brush