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Proscenic P8 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Review – A Perfect Dyson Alternative?

When I saw the Proscenic P8 handheld vacuum on Amazon, I thought that it was just a cheap clone of a similar Dyson product. However, it is much more than that. I’ve tested the product in the last month and here is the full review.

Features & Performance

The Proscenic P8 has a similar design as the Dyson V8 that I tried last year. Out of the box, you can find the main unit and some attachments like the extension hose, a floor-cleaning head, a crevice tool, a soft dusting brush, and a round brush. There is also a wall mount so that you can hang the vacuum on the wall.

The Proscenic might look similar to the Dyson but I actually prefer the Proscenic’s design. I’m quite impressed with some improvements like the removable battery and the dust bin design. I can empty the dust bin with just a press on the side, then I can remove the bin completely with a press on the top button. All parts in the bin are washable and recyclable, so you can clean them easily.

The power trigger also works differently. The engine will turn on as soon as I pull the trigger, another press will increase the power, and another one will turn it off. I actually like to hold the trigger to keep the engine on because it will save a lot more battery.

The battery life of the vacuum is comparable to the Dyson. In the low power mode, it could last about 20-25 minutes. In case you use the high power mode, the battery will die in around 10 minutes.

Everything seems to be great for such an affordable vacuum. Unfortunately, it comes with a few disadvantages. It doesn’t have a HEPA filter, so the air coming out of the vacuum might not be as clean. Besides, you will have to clean the dust bin and filters very often to keep a good suction.

In terms of power, I am satisfied with the suction on hard floors. However, the performance on carpets is not that good. Although the suction power is pretty much the same as the Dyson, the design of the cleaning head is subpar. Therefore, it has a lot of problems to pick up hairs and dirt on thick carpets. Besides, it doesn’t come with an upholstery tool like the Dyson turbine tool, so I can’t clean my sofa effectively.



  • Impressive design
  • Good suction power
  • Long battery life
  • Low price

All in all, the Proscenic P8 is a good alternative for Dyson, considering the fact that it costs less than half the price. We totally recommend the product if you are looking for a cordless vacuum for your home.