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Our Company

Brand Story

Brand Meaning: “Proscenic”originates from the combination of the word “prosperous” and “scenic”,signifying the version of futuristic self-energized living.

It is created by Proscenic Technology in Taiwan,based on the technical foundation of Taiwan’s electronics industry,focusing on the research,development and production of smart cleaning products,sold out to Japan, the United States and other mainstream consumer markets.

Market development

Proscenic has been deeply pursuing smart cleaning for 20 years. With a number of international patented technologies, it has expanded its brand reputation in the smart home area,and its products are sold well in dozens of countries and regions around the world, providing thousands of homes with smart home cleaning services. Millions of users witnessed the quality.

Development history

Started to invest in R & D and sales of related Industries in the 1990s.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the second, third and fourth generation of intelligent floor sweeping robot products were introduced one after another, and sold to the mainstream consumer market, such as Japan, Europe and the United States, etc.

In 2013, launched fifth-generation models and enter the domestic market and award PCONLINE Intelligent Sweeper Industrial Design.

The sixth generation model was launched in 2014 and won the ZOL annual recommended product award for robot evaluation.

In 2015, launched an indoor GPS navigation robot mopping machine that wipes the ground by simulator artificial squeegee,and won the PCHOME Annual recommendation Award.

In 2016, launched a wireless indoor positioning and navigation plan robotic vacuum, and won the "national high-tech enterprise" certificate in the same year.

In 2017, launched a smart robot vacuum integrating dual detection, dual positioning, video and security.