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Product Robot Vacuum 790T

 Q: Can it work well on carpet?Does it work on dark carpet?

A:Yes,it can work well on carpet,but it can not work well on very dark carpet. 

Q:What are the charge and run times? How does it mop? What extra items are required for the mopping function?
A:Charging time:4-6 hours,run time:100minutes, The 790T has water tank and cloth in the package,you only need to stick mopping cloth on the bottom of water tank,fill the water tank with water,and then fit water tank on the robot,it can vacuum and mop at the same time.


Q:Can you setup boundary not cross over?

A:The 790T can't set up boundary,but our new coming robot machine Proscenic 811GB can make this.The 811GB will be available soon on amazon. 


Q:What is the password for the 790ts wifi? can't use the app until i connect to the robot's wifi and when i do it ask for it's password.

A:You may mistakenly download the new app without updating the firmware. The new app "Proscenic Robotic"(Version 1.2.3)can't be used directly,you need to download the old app "Proscenic"(apple store:Version 1.5.2 ;google play: v2.0.3.8) first,and update the firmware as suggested,then it will suggest you to update to the new app "Proscenic Robotic",you can update and use the new app after that.


Q:Do i need to buy filters or is it reusable?

A:The filter is washable and reuseable,and we suggest you to clean the filter often. 


Q:Is the battery replaceable?

A:Of cours the battery can be replaced.


Q:Can it transit from hard floors to carpets?

A:Yes,it can cross steps lower than 1.5cm. 


Q:Does this require an app to work? does it have to have wifi? can i just program it and let it go?

A:No,you can control the robot by remote control if you don't want to control it by WIFI,or Alexa.


Product Robot Vacuum 811GB

Q:What is the voltage?

A:It can work at 110-240 voltage.


Q:Does the filter need to be replaced or can it simply be cleaned and reused?

A:The HEPA filter can be cleaned and reused.


Q:When my husband logged into the app and "bound" the vacuum, it disconnected me. I gather that only one user can be connected? 

A:YES, In order to avoid instruction confusion, only one user can be connected. 

Q:Does it work with Alexa?

A:Yes,811GB can support Amazon Alexa voice control. 


Q:Will this 811GB avoid drop and collision automatically?

A:Yes,this robot vacuum can detect obstacles and steps,and protect himself from drop and collision. 


Q:What’s the function of electric water tank?

A:Electric water tank control means you can control the speed of the water flowing from water tank,it has 3 speeds,and you can choose which fits for your floor.For example,you can select the highest speed if the floor is full of dust.But if you don’t want the floor to be wet,you can choose the lower speed.


Product Vacuum Cleaner P8

Q:Where is the switch for hardwood or carpet?

A:The red button on the vacuum body is the power switch,and the low speed is enough for daily clean,and you can switch to high speed if you don't clean regularly. 


Q:Do you have to hold the trigger button for it to stay on or do you just click through modes?

A:You just need to click,and it will stay for current mode until you click for a second time.


Q:Does it come with one battery or two?

A:There is one battery in the package.Battery can be bought separately in our store if needed. 


Q:How long does a full charge last while vacuuming??

A:It can work 35 minutes after full charged. 


Q:Does it work on small rugs ?

A:Yes,it can work on small rugs.But please do not use the vacuum to clean on the wet floor or rug,this will have a bad influence on the machine.


Q:Can't find the hole in the vac to plug in the adapter. And there is nothing in the owner's manual about it either. Where is it?? 

A:The hole is on the battery,you can plug the adapter into the battery through the vacuum body,or you can take out the battery from the vacuum body and then plug in the adapter. 


Product Vacuum Cleaner P9

Q:How long is the warranty?

A:12-month warranty for quality-related issues.


Q:What’s the difference between Proscenic P8 and P9 cordless stick vacuum?

A:The suction power of P9 is much higher than P8,and the P9 have additional mini motorized tool and hard brush in the package, but P8 haven’t.


Q:Is the filter of Proscenic P8 cordless vacuum interchangeable with P9?

A:No,the accessories are not the interchangeable for P8 and P9.


Q:Can this P9 cordless vacuum cleaner be hung on the wall to store and charge?

A:Yes,it can be hung on the wall at the docking station to store and charge. 


Q:How long is the run time of this P9 cordless vacuum?

A:25-42 minutes. Max mode: 25 minutes Normal speed:42 minutes. 


Product Oral Irrigator

Q:What is the water pressure for this item?

A:The water pressure is from 40 to 120 PSI.


Q:Is it waterproof?

A:Yes,it is,you can use it in the shower.


Q:can it be used by different people?

A:Yes,it has five jet tips,and you can use with different jet tips. 


Q:Is the water tank removable for washing?

A:Yes,of course,it is removable for washing and filling water.


Q:How many tips come with this product?

A:5 rotatable jet tips in total,3 standard jet tips,1 periodontal jet tip,1 nasal jet tip.


Product Hand Blender


Q:Can this be used for hot liquids?

A:Yes, you can use this item to mix hot liquids. 


Q:Does this mixer come with the whisk attachment and cup?

A:Yes, it comes with whisk attachment, a 600ml cup, and a 500ml food chopper with blade.


Q:What does the “smart speed control” mean?

A:The "smart speed control" means that the power button controls the speed depending on how far it is pressed,the more you squeeze, the more power you get. 


Q:How many Watts does this immersion blender supply?

A:800 Watts.