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Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Proscenic has equipped this robot vacuum, the Proscenic 811GB, with multiple control options. As mentioned in the title, it is compatible with Alexa voice control – you can choose to set it to work on a whim.

Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


You also have the option of setting a schedule ahead of time to start cleaning no matter where you are or what you’re doing. If you’re away from home, the Proscenic app can do everything previously mentioned for you. The app can begin, schedule, or stop cleaning as needed. No worrying about being out of range.

The bot also comes with a remote control and buttons on its surface for direct use.

Multiple Settings

Four different settings let you tailor the robot’s cleaning sequence to meet your home’s needs. Auto cleaning is best used for daily cleaning of the entire house. Spot cleaning thoroughly cleans a small are. Edge cleaning works best along walls and corners, and zigzag cleaning was designed for large open spaces.

Choose where and how to target problem areas in your home. You know your home best – after a heavily trafficked day, you can program the bot to clean according to any of the four cleaning modes.


Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


Not Just a Vacuum

Although marketed as a robotic vacuum, this bot also comes equipped with the ability to sweep and mop the floor at the same time.

An electronic water tank is used to hold water as the bot works. If mopping is programmed into its workday, it’ll wipe down the floor as it sweeps.

The water tank has three potential penetration speeds (low, moderate, and high) that meet the various needs of the user. Those three speeds can be controlled by the app to tell the bot exactly how much water is needed – by owner’s judgment – to take on the task.


Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


Sensing Boundaries

Like other robotic vacuums, the Proscenic robot vacuum uses magnetic markers to mark out its boundaries. The vacuum can be told to stay within a certain area, which is especially useful to families with large and complex homes.

The Proscenic 811GB also has a built-in sensor to tell when it’s nearing a drop. This way, the robotvac saves itself before taking a dive off of the stairs or a step down into another room.

Design Made for Maneuvering

This robot vacuum cleaner has a slim design – roughly 13″ x 13″ x 3 inches – for easy travel and clearance of any furniture or barriers. It weighs only five and a half pounds.

The slim design and light weight allow it to get around easier on hard floors of any kind as well as carpeting.


Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


Safe Docking and Charging

Despite having a water tank, the robot vacuum won’t leak all over your floor when paused, charging, or docked. The docking station is a safe bet for charging the robot or if you’d rather, it also comes with an adapter that requires manual setup.

The battery allows for 130 minutes of use – more than long enough to clean your home on a single charge. When the battery is low the robot will take it upon itself to return to its docking station and get ready for another round.


Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


Quiet and Efficient

Compared to other appliances, the noise this vacuum makes is on the lower end of the spectrum. It is virtually unnoticeable and you can go about your day as it cleans the house.

The Proscenic 811GB robot vacuum has a suction power of 800-1000 pa and focuses on picking up dirt, debris, particles, and hair on hard surfaces (tile, hardwood, laminate) and carpets.

Who is it for?

Because of this robot’s versatility, it really is for anyone. Other robots have a hard time on carpeting. Some only vacuum – Proscenic has created an appliance that not only commands all surfaces but cleans in two dimensions.

If you’re looking for something quiet that’s a bang for your buck, this is your robot. It not only has multiple options for programming cleaning but multiple options for the cleaning itself.


Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


Proscenic 811GB: Final Words

The vacuum cleaner comes with a remote control, the smart water tank, a charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, HEPA filter, 4 side brushes, 2 mopping cloths and the user manual.

It has the competition beat on two fronts; not only is it up to par with industry standards when it comes to vacuuming, it will also mop your floors for you without leaving a mess to worry about. The Proscenic 811GB robot vacuum cleaner is low maintenance and efficient. It’s a great addition to any home, large or small.


Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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